While writing my posts for this site, I spend a considerable amount of time researching various composers and their pieces.  Here are links to some resources I found most helpful in familiarizing myself with artists and their work:

Beck, Christophe:

Biography and Discography


Interview about his work on Ant-Man and The Peanuts Movie

Guild of Music Supervisors Interview

Audio interview on the orchestral sound for The Peanuts Movie


Desplat, Alexandre:


Awards for The King’s Speech

Audio interview with Desplat

Desplat on the score and King George VI’s stammer

Desplat on restraint and intimacy in The King’s Speech score

An interview with Desplat/the diversity of his work

More about King George VI’s microphones that were used to record the score


Giacchino, Michael:



IMDb Page

NPR “Up” Interview/Game

Information about Giacchino’s experience with John Williams as a kid

Information about Giacchino replacing Alexandre Desplat for scoring “Rogue One”

Entertainment Weekly interview about “Rogue One”

Keep an eye on this one. He’s got a future.


Gregson-Williams, Harry:

Interview with HGW about his compositions for 2016’s Oscar-nom The Martian


Nominations for awards for Narnia, including a Grammy and a Golden Globe for Best Score

Interview with HGW about composting for fantasy

Interview about The Martian and HGW’s philosophy concerning directorial collaboration

HGW on The Equalizer and using music to reflect character and geography

For more information on the Narnia franchise and Harry Gregson-Williams, I highly recommend watching the cast and producer’s commentaries on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe DVD.  Also, be sure to watch The Martian – it is a fantastic movie with a fantastic score.

Gregson-Williams, Rupert:


List of Awards and Nominations

Wonder Woman interview with DC Comics

NPR on the Wonder Woman score

Interview about Rupert Gregson-Williams’s past/working with Hans Zimmer

Film Music Mag Interview


Hooper, Nicholas:

Interview with Hooper about his simple composing style vs. that of John Williams

Hooper’s diversity of work

Critique of Hooper claiming he preferred atmosphere over making memorable music

Biography and track listing

Composition process/schedule for Harry Potter

Awards for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

YouTube video of a scoring session for Half-Blood Prince


Jackman, Henry:


Interview with Jackman about the use of symphony/composition

Interview that admits/attempts to justify the similarities between Batman’s and The Winter Soldier’s scores


Track list for Captain America: Civil War


Shore, Howard:


Awards for The Fellowship of the Ring

Awards for the Two Towers

Awards for Return of the King

Howard Shore interview

Influences and inspiration for the “Lothlorien” theme

Howard Shore DVD commentary transcript

Shore on The Hobbit and the cultural differences between Tolkien’s races

Worldbuilding – Tolkien and Shore

YouTube – Behind the Scenes

YouTube video explaining the translation of music from book to movie

There are hours of behind the scenes material on the Extended Edition LotR DVDs which detail everything about the making of the movies, including score and sound mixing.


Silvestri, Alan:

BTTF’s 30th anniversary and interview with Silvestri

YouTube interview about the Irish premier of “BTTF In Concert”

YouTube video on the close collaboration between Zemeckis and Silvestri

Silvestri’s history in Hollywood

History and controversy surrounding leitmotifs

More info on how leitmotifs are constructed from the BBC

There are also many bonus features and audio commentaries on the BTTF DVDs that explore the making of the film and its score.


Walker, Shirley:

Coming soon…


Zimmer, Hans:

Comprehensive interview with Zimmer about the Inception score

Zimmer’s use of “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” by Edith Piaf

Zimmer on his involvement in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise and Inception

Audio interview with Hans Zimmer on Inception

Zimmer’s collaboration with Christopher Nolan

Biography and track listing

Christopher Nolan explains the end of Inception